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Imail Server

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Messaging is made easy with IMail Server
The Award-Winning IMail Server is a proven messaging solution for small to mid-sized businesses, which is reliable, scalable and versatile. It has the features that businesses have come to expect, without the high costs of Exchange.

As the backbone of the IMail products, IMail Server offers simple-to-use messaging with basic spam filtering. It is easy to set up and doesn’t have the same long-term maintenance burden of complex and difficult-to-manage enterprise systems.

Proven Technology
IMail Server delivers billions of messages every day for over 60 million users around the globe. With IMail’s customizable webmail client, anywhere access, in eight different languages is a reality.

Award Winning
IMail Server was voted Messaging Product of the Year by the readers of Network Computing magazine for 2008. The awards ceremony recognizes outstanding products and services in the network computing industry annually. This award demonstrates IMail’s commitment to excellence in messaging solutions, superior customer service and technical support.

IMail Server makes things simple for you
To make transitioning from Exchange as painless as possible we offer the Exchange Migration tool. We also offer advanced anti-virus protection from BitDefender or Symantec that can be purchased with any of our products to keep you protected.

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IMail Server Version 10 ComparisonIMail
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Scalable, standards-based, email server with Webmail, SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP and list server
Basic anti-spam with blacklists, Bayseian filter and phrase filters
Basic security with SMTP Auth and dictionary attack sensing
Password sensitivity security controls in Domain Properties
12 months support & updates  
Premium anti-spam with automatic updates and language-aware technology    
Secure instant messaging with 168-bit 3DES encryption      
Shared Outlook calendars and global address books with Web access      
Integrated Anti-virus
What''s New?
IMail Server version 10 comes equipped with all the things you''ve come to expect from IMail Server: low cost, ease-of-use, low maintenance, reliability, scalability, and versatility. Only now...it''s even smarter.
Highlight of New Features
  • Redesigned Web Calendar, which is more user-friendly with click and drag features and built on improved technology

  • We created our own Digital Rights Management tool to protect licensing and to secure delivery of Messaging software

  • New low-bandwidth web client, called Web Messaging Lite, is now an option that users with slow connections, like dial up, can choose to access their mailboxes faster

  • Checkboxes for message selection/deletion is now an option under preferences

  • System Administrators can now decide how complex passwords can be with the Password Complexity Setting

  • For added protection, user accounts are suspended after multiple login failures (System Administrators decide actual number of attempts)

  • User Interface for Contacts has been redesigned for more ease-of-use:

  • New search feature lets you find users quickly and easily

  • New Sort capability allows you to sort by clicking on titles

  • Contacts are now displayed one per line with telephone numbers if applicable
Highlight of Fixes
  • IMoniter has been removed eliminating false failure reports

  • The Auto Responder is now internationalized and can handle foreign characters

  • Default User Mailbox size setting is correctly honored now when adding a user

  • Plain text emails will print at a larger font size for easier readability

  • SMTP- fixed issue where a UserID beginning with a hyphen was not being rejected when using IMail User Database

  • During Installation the Start menu shortcut will now correctly recognize IMail Severs that are not using the default web-site in IIS

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